Who knew turbines could be so interesting!

Who knew turbines could be so interesting! [...]

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Modelling sea birds flight behaviour & distribution

Interactions between offshore wind farms and marine [...]

By |2023-03-06T22:03:54+00:00March 6, 2023|news and events|0 Comments

X-ROTOR at the EERA DeepWind 2023 conference

The 20th edition of the EERA DeepWind [...]

By |2023-02-16T14:41:25+00:00January 30, 2023|news and events|0 Comments

Engaging the public about X-ROTOR

An X-ROTOR team (from UCC & UoS) [...]

By |2022-12-14T12:13:26+00:00November 29, 2022|news and events|0 Comments

X-ROTOR team meet in Barcelona

The first in-person meeting of the project, [...]

By |2022-11-09T11:47:37+00:00October 28, 2022|news and events|0 Comments

New H2020 project to design novel X-shaped Offshore Wind Turbine

Wind power can make a significant contribution [...]

By |2022-06-16T10:12:49+00:00April 6, 2021|news and events|0 Comments
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